Beach Revamped

Name Max Hit .90% Max Hit Atks Life ~Exp Gold Armor% MR%
Hermit Crab 127 1 650-739 2096-2308 2
Crab 121 1 697-727 2367-2564 2
Stone Crab 142 1 715-888 2594-2826 2
King Crab

- Entry RequiermentsEdit

  • Srt-60

- Recomended equipment

  • Gleaming Short Sword

- DropsEdit

  • Hermit Crab - Crab Meat (1) heals for 18
  • Crab - Crab Meat (1) heals for 18
  • Stone Crab - Seaweed Garb, Seaweed Neckband, Seaweed Knuckles, Seaweed Headband, Seaweed Leggings, Sea Shell Shield, Seaweed Sandles
  • King Crab - Gilly Weed

- Misc.Edit

  • Not sure where the King Crab is at since the Beach got redesigned... He's been spotted randomly at the north end of the beach a spot or two below the south entrace to town, as well as near the middle of the southernmost row.

- Training GoalsEdit

  • Fighter - 100 Str/130 Dex/ 100 Con before 1rnding the Sewers
  • Mage -

ezy mony tip,

come here when you get cold touch and ~110 wisdom and int, sit around and poke crabs all day, you will get meat faster than you can use it, at 5g per meat and 2g per kill, its fast xp and gold earn

just incase you die ;)

PS, use cold touch 1, nothing higher as they cost mana per hit rather than mana per round

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